'Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected'.

Sogyai Rinpoche


Susie offers a truly sensitive service to bereaved families. Many people are ill-prepared for their own mortality, and often when a close loved one dies, they are shocked. Most people have lost touch with a religion that would have hitherto been an important part of their lives and would have helped them with their loss. Susie is able to work with families and to facilitate an unfolding of their own needs through understanding their loss. She has worked with many bereaved families over the years and is able to deeply empathise and journey with them Her aim is to allow families to remember their loved one, to bring whatever personal prayers or reflection they need and to craft a service that will honour that life. Memories, tributes and a joyful reminder of that person's contribution to the family can all be part of the ceremony.