Susie offered us a very personable nurturing service in conducting our baby's naming ceremony in Brighton. Susie took time to meet with us beforehand, get to know baby Jack and what we wanted for the ceremony. We were invited to contribute what we wanted to include in the ceremony and Susie planned and delivered it accordingly. Susie is a lovely warm, friendly and caring person and it was a pleasure and privilege to have her lead the service for us we shall hold the day dear in our heart and memory. I thoroughly recommend Susie.

Liz, Ed and Jack, Brighton

"Susie was absolutely fantastic and so supportive in helping us prepare for our special day. She conducted our ceremony in a warm, caring, sincere manner and made us both feel extra special. All our friends and family commented on how beautiful our ceremony was and I know that the memory and essence of the occasion will remain in our hearts and thoughts forever - thank you Susie" 

Simone & Jo Brighton

"Susie's presentation is warm and welcoming" Paula


"Susie held each individual in their own space, whilst addressing the needs of the group. She created a comfortable safe place in which to express any anger" Sharon


"Susie is a natural leader with a fantastic ability to reach people and help them" Sharon


"Susie was brave to tackle the entire issue of anger, well done" Janet


"Susie gave me the chance to reflect on anger as an emotion and to explore ways to forgive and let go" Amanda


On the stress management workshop and the holiday "I have learned to live in the present and how valuable it was - nothing is worth more than today - this is the spirit with which I am going into the New Year" Bindu Ayer